About Sarahi Jeans

“Absolutely The Perfect Fit.”

Sarahi Jeans is a division of Sarahi Fashion House Inc. The Jeans division was launched in 2013 after our founder Suzette A. Kelly had obtained two USA Patents for her jeans designs. “My passion is designing couture collections. Yet, after buying jeans that never fit ; I wanted to be able to own a pair of jeans that would go on with a comfortable fit. This led me to designing and creating the following two patents utilized in our Signature and Curves Collections branded as, The Absolute Perfect Fit.” Suzette A. Kelly

The jeans we produce come in two different unique cuts which are exhibited throughout our jeans collections. The Signature Collection is the collection we design with luxury in mind and is now made Italy and the USA. The Signature Collection was our first collection; this collection focuses on our V cut shaped waist design, which brandishes a low-front rise and a high-back rise that eliminates the unwanted visibility of under garments and/or tailbones. V cut designs can be purchased in a low-cut V or a high-cut V shape; now available in sizes 00 to 12. All the praise received by our product around the industry women asked us to make the design a bit more affordable. As a result, we decided to introduce the Curves’ collection which is now being mass-produced and distributed within the USA. The Curves Collection has a C cut shaped waist design, which is somewhat like cut design. Yet, the front of the waist takes on more of a circular shape with the C opening up at the waist; these jeans are now available in either a low-cut C or high-cut C front rise. The C cut may be purchased in sizes 00 to 30, giving plus size women a choice for comfortable, well-fitted jeans.

Fashion bloggers and magazine editors across the globe, including Sarah Conly of InStyle Magazine gave the jeans fantastic reviews. The women that have tried our jeans never want to give them back. Our patented collections are not your typical pair of jeans the unique cuts and styles are popular among women across the world; they create instant acclaim the moment they are tried on.

Women of all shapes, heights, and sizes enjoy the jeans, with their personal tailored feel & fit they offer. The jeans are designed in an array of colors and patterns for the chic, style-maven woman. These jeans are not magical but, they are perfect. We guarantee you’ll love them! It’s simple, they are, “The Absolute Perfect Fit.” buy a pair today!

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Commitment To Quality

If you change your conversation, something will change, what will  change is that you will change, your life will change and if you can  change you, you can change your world.  

“Change your conversation, change your world.” Designer Suzette  A. Kelly  

  • Our desire is to always create a product that will make you  look and feel really great!
  • We live in an era of globalization and of the woman. Although  money is the most corrosive aspect of life today, meaning all  attention to details are forgotten. No so at Sarahi, at Sarahi  we strive on every detail that we put into our designs  capturing the heart of fashion in women! 
  • “Creating collections is like a nonstop dialogue with fashion,  as I create each piece to capture the heart of women!”  Designer Suzette A. Kelly 

We believe in quality and comfort! 

A Positive Force For People

You look great and feel your best in trendy brands, colors and  sophisticated cuts!


Over the years I have learned that what is important in a Jeans is the  woman who is wearing it!


Over the years I have learned that every curve in a woman is perfect  and every style is unique!

Happy Customers

Over the years our customers are royalty and need platinum service.   

Creative Features

Over the years I have learned that every style is the creative artistry  of the designer!